Bed & Breakfast 3Gs

Address: Geghard Monastery Highway(H3), 3 the impasse, house 4, 2218, Goght, Kotayk region, Armenia, 00374(0)94496094, Open 1april till 20 oct.

Information about 3 Gs

Opening season is starting of Bed & Breakfast 3 Gs 1 April till 20 October.

Who are we?

We are a Dutch couple Marty and Sandra who came to Armenia for work in 2011. To be honest we knew just a little about the country. After spending 3 months in the capital city Yerevan, we ended up in a house with a family in Goght. On non-working days, together with our dog we went to the countryside and we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. Our family and friends came over and fell in love with the place, just like us. So we decided to look for a comfortable house with a beautiful view.


Why the name Bed & Breakfast 3 Gs?

The name of the Bed & Breakfast 3 Gs comes from the first letters of Garni, Geghard and Goght. It is situated just in the middle of the two well-known places Garni and Geghard. Garni is 15 minute-drive and Geghard is 10 minute-drive from Bed & Breakfast 3 Gs. They both are easily reached by local taxi,taxi vans, by foot or on the bike.

Bed & Breakfast 3 Gs 

Bed & Breakfast 3 Gs has opened its doors in 2014. It is located between Garni and Geghard. The house is a two floored house from 1976 with a luxurious but still Armenian look. The owners of the house occupy the ground floor. The second floor has 4 rooms, including 3 spacious rooms and 1 luxury room with an amazing view. All the rooms have their own bathrooms and toilets, only if in the case of luxury room they are within the room; in three other rooms they are separate: they are situated in the hallway.  The house has a large living room with doors to the balcony where you can sit, relax and enjoy the spectacular view of Khosrov National Park.

The house has a large yard with a swimming pool where you can enjoy the 300 days of sunshine. The house also has orchard which is 5000 m2 traditional trees such as walnut, different types of apple trees, pear trees, grapes, peach and cherry trees are grown. To keep the grass short in the orchard there different kinds of animals walking freely around. Campers can use the paved square and has their own spectacular view.

There is also a spacious kitchen so that you can make your own lunch or supper. Also you can rent a mountain bikes so you can on the bike to Geghard or Garni. We offer free Wi-Fi  and we have transfers to the city and airport for a fee.